Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

There are only a handful of products that can be truly considered as multitasking heroes in the beauty industry. Coconut oil is one of those. You can seriously use it for everything from cooking to cleaning to even making your own beauty products.

Virgin coconut oil has quickly become popular in the beauty industry for its ability to multitask and just solve almost every problem we could think of when it comes to health and beauty.coconut

This list will give you detailed uses and benefits of this tropical wonder. If you aren’t already using it, you should start now.

Makeup remover: no need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive makeup removers when you have the perfect solution in your kitchen cupboard. Even the most resistant makeup can’t fight against this powerful all-rounder. Use it all over your face with a cotton pad and watch makeup melt off.

Breathe freshener: a new craze of swishing oil around your mouth for 20 minutes can help to freshen breathe and whiten your teeth. This is known as oil pulling and has become extremely popular in recent times. Coconut oil has awesome antifungal and antibacterial properties that can really help with germs in the mouth.

Body cream/moisturiser: once again, if you need a hydrating cream to moisturise your body or extremely coarse parts like the elbows and knees, no need to spend hundreds on fancy branded creams. Make your own with some coconut oil and add some essential oils for a calming scent.

Brush cleaner: cleaning your make up brushes is a must. You should be doing it at least once a month. To make your cleaner, mix some antibacterial soap with coconut oil till you get a nice lather and clean your brushes with this mixture regularly to keep them germ free.

Lip balm or moisturiser: chapped lips are never a good look. This is especially the case if you wear lip gloss or lipstick. Moisturise your lips with coconut oil to have a smooth base.

Helps to prevent stretch marks: coconut oil is a must have for expectant mums as it can help to prevent stretch marks and help the skin to remain smooth and moisturised during the course of the pregnancy.

Under eye cream: coconut oil’s moisturising and hydrating qualities make it the perfect cream for aging skin. Prevent signs of aging like fine lines and sagging by massaging them under your eyes or anywhere you see lines crop up. Regular use will leave skin smooth and soft.

Body scrub: if you like to make your own concoctions of various beauty products then a body scrub is a must. Mix some coconut oil with a coarse ingredient like sugar or salt to create your own scrub. Include some essential oils for your own scented heaven at home.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of coconut oil, why not have a pot or two of it around the kitchen and bathroom so you can use it for all your needs?

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