Foods To Lose Fat Not Muscles

Foods To Lose Fat Not Muscles

Those individuals who are looking forth to get rid of their fat but building on their muscles can benefit from certain food groups. These food groups and options are discussed in this post for the sake of educational and awareness purpose. Some of these options include, but are not limited to;ID-100240008

Good foods to build muscle

For many years the health professionals believed that eggs and the cholesterol found in this food item were a cause of clogged arteries. This they believed led to different diseases related to heart. However the most recent researches have challenged the preceding ones and elucidated that the complications related to cholesterol and heart diseases are not linked with eggs. In fact the yolk of the eggs works as a catalyst to promote the building of the muscles. Also the amount of yolk per egg is just ideal for helping muscles growth in a natural way. Eggs are rich in;

Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E etc.
Protein shake
In order to recover the exhausted muscles after a grueling working out regime the individuals will find that a shake that comprises of proteins and carbs is very beneficial for them. This shake can even be taken before working out regimes so that the nutrients can be used optimally to promote growth of the muscles. These shakes prevent the muscles from breaking or getting injured and helps in restoring the energy of the muscles. It keeps the energy levels of the individuals high even after working out as the carbs in the shake will continue to be processed for hours by the body. It will also help in improving the blood flow to the muscles and regulate creatine transport.

Cottage cheese with live-cultures

Another power food for the muscles is the cottage cheese. The live culture or the bacteria found in this kind of cheese helps in breaking down the food component that one has consumed so that the nutrients can easily be absorbed by the body for building the muscles stronger and bigger. It also contains a protein which is digested by the human body very slowly and hence giving a fuller feeling to the individuals and curbing their cravings and hunger.

Lean beef
The lean beef is a great source of essential nutrients like;

essential amino acids
Mixture of saturated fat which promote healthy testosterone levels
Mono-unsaturated fat that promotes healthy heart
Last but not the least; it is important to include a healthy portion of fats in daily diet as lack of fats will result in storing fat in the body and lead to obesity instead of promoting muscle growth.

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