How to Book a Wheelchair Vehicle

How to Book a Wheelchair Vehicle

Regardless of where you live in terms of country or city, you can always book a wheelchair taxi for your friend, colleague, or yourself to avoid any discomfort connected to travelling in a regular cab. Most frequently you can call local cab company and get a phone number of the special service from there or simply go online to find this information yourself.

According to drivers from Kingtransit wheelchair taxi they and any special transport driver must give priority to customers in wheelchairs. In case they do not, specific high penalties are applied for them for ignoring such obligation.ID-100182055

Wheelchair taxi cabs have a great variety of cars available for you, from the most simple and affordable ones to the luxurious vehicles. You can choose any special transport you need depending on the budget and preferences you name to the special transportation company in Toronto. In case you are calling for a wheelchair taxi and need some uncommon preferences, you need to be ready to wait longer until the transportation company satisfies your needs.

When the wheelchair taxi driver should turn on the taxi meter?

If you have booked a taxi or ordered it, but it comes early, it does not matter, because the meter can be turned on either when you start moving or when your leaving time comes. So if you are ready to go, the driver can help you get into the car and turn the meter on.

But you need to know one nuance; the taxi driver will turn the meter on once you say that you are ready to leave and the loading process begins.

When the wheelchair taxi driver should turn off the meter?

The general rules and situations when cab drivers have to turn the meter off include:

Reaching the destination point of your journey;
The moment before the driver asks you for payment;
Before the driver helps you unload or unloads you from the vehicle;
Keep in mind that a driver always has to provide you a receipt about the successful payment for his or her service.

Journey interruptions

For any accidents or unexpected situations, such as changing the tire or refilling the vehicle tank, all cab drivers must turn the meter off until your journey is restarted.

Driver assistance

In case you need a wheelchair taxi in Toronto and you know that you need special assistance, such as help with luggage or shopping bags, you have to know that wheelchair taxi drivers are obliged to provide you this assistance. No matter what kind of assistance you need (pushing to the home or office or managing your bags), it should always be done without any additional charge!

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