How to Prevent Acute Alcohol Poisoning?

How to Prevent Acute Alcohol Poisoning?

There are various ways to prevent or avoid acute alcohol poisoning and of course the best way is to not drink alcohol and totally abstain from drinking. Then, alcohol poisoning can never occur. However, if you like to drink alcoholic drinks certain measures can help prevent acute alcohol poisoning, such asID-100112063

The best way to avoid acute alcohol poisoning is to totally abstain from drinking. However, if you drink, make sure to drink in moderation. Moderate drinking is taking at the most two drinks for healthy adult males and one drink for females or people above 65 years of age. And make sure to drink your drink slowly. This way alcohol poisoning will never occur.
Avoid having a drink on empty stomach. Presence of food slows down absorption of alcohol from stomach and absence of food in stomach increase rate of absorption of alcohol from stomach. If your stomach is full with food, it can prevent binge drinking, because stomach is full and you cannot drink too much in short time. Also, food in stomach slows alcohol absorption and prevent alcohol poisoning.
Keep household products containing alcohol in safe place and away from the reach of children. Because children may sometime consume household products containing alcohol and lead to alcohol poisoning.
Be friendly with teenage members of your family and talk to them about dangers of alcohol. Diskuss with them about the problems of binge drinking as well as importance of staying away from drugs and bad company. Studies have shown that teenagers who have good relationship with their parents have less tendency to start drinking and drug addiction.
If your teenage child has been treated for acute alcohol poisoning previously, make sure to get follow up of treatment done sincerely. Follow up with counselling is important in preventing drinking problems including binge drinking and future acute alcohol poisoning.
Some myths about acute alcohol poisoning:

There are certain myths associated with acute alcohol poisoning. In fact believing these myths and doing them during acute alcohol poisoning can worsen the problem. Acute alcohol poisoning is medical emergency and never try home remedies for this. Always seek immediate medical attention by dialing emergency medical help. The myths that one should be aware are,

Cold shower: many think taking cold shower during alcohol poisoning can be beneficial. Cold shower should be avoided, because exposure to cold in such situation may lead to loss of consciousness.
Walking acute alcohol poisoning off: this is of no use. Because walking does not increase elimination of alcohol from your body.
Sleeping acute alcohol poisoning off: this is also not a good idea, because you may become unconscious during sleep. Which will worsen the situation.
Take black coffee or caffeine: caffeine cannot counteract effects of alcohol poisoning and it is of no use, although it cause no harm.
The best thing to do is call emergency number immediately if you suspect someone to have acute alcohol poisoning and make sure to attend the patient and not leave alone.

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