Recognizing the Signs of an Addiction

Recognizing the Signs of an Addiction

There are many people all over the world that suffer from various types of dependency. These individuals rarely seek treatment for themselves as they are unable to understand their craving for a particular type of drug or activity. Thus, these people will rarely get help. The first step of helping someone overcome their compulsion is to be able to observe and notice the associated symptoms.

Dependency comes in all forms. Most people are aware of cravings for alcohol and drugs, but there are many more addictive activities and behaviors that individuals tend to have such as sex addiction, internet dependency, gambling, and shopping. Here are some of the indicators of someone that you know being dependent on a substance or behavior:ID-100111953

Early Stages
In the beginning, it is not always easy to recognize the symptoms of a dependency. One of the first things you may notice, nonetheless, is experimentation with a substance or dependency. Individuals who have a family history of compulsion may be more susceptible to develop a dependency than other people. You might find your friends or family member constantly finding out situations where that particular substance or activity is available. You may also notice them bingeing on their drug of choice, without any feelings of guilt afterwards.

Personality Changes
When the dependency becomes more pronounced, you may be able to observe certain shifts in personality. You may find them ignoring hobbies or other activities that previously used to be important to them or bring them pleasure. They may also begin missing important responsibilities such as school, work, or even taking care of others. Individuals who develop a dependency tend to take greater risks in order to get the drug or partake in the activity of their choosing. They will also begin to lie about how much they are using the drug or performing a certain behavior.

Those with an addiction also begin to neglect the relationships that were previously quite important to them. They can also begin to react negatively to individuals who are closest to them. There will also be a noticeable change in their sleeping patterns. These changes will often manifest in the dependent individuals being tired all of the time. Most notably, you will find those with a dependence ignoring all of the negative consequences that their compulsion is causing.

In addition to these, you can also determine certain changes to their mood. The individuals may be more irritable or aggressive than they were before the dependency. They can experience sudden mood swings and even display symptoms of depression. In certain instances, the individuals can even contemplate suicide.

Early Intervention

Being dependent on a substance or behavior for an extended period of time could have several dangerous consequences. In order to distance a loved from a dependency,you should help them seek treatment for it as soon as possible. You should contact treatment centers for gambling addiction Toronto, for instance, to find out the best way to help your loved one. This is the best way to ensure that they do not suffer from long-term after-effects of their dependency.

These are some of the more noticeable changes that individuals undergo when they become addicted to a substance or a behavior. Consult a medical expert to determine how to best help this person overcome their dependency.

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