The Best Google Adsense Optimization Tips for Your Blog

The Best Google Adsense Optimization Tips for Your Blog

In my previous post I shared about “Top Ways to Make Money Using

Your Blog“. In that post i highlighted Google Adsense as one of the best advertising platform for bloggers that can fetch you some good amount of money with your blog. Today i will share some tips with which you can earn more with your Adsense account.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program runned by Google that allows you to display some adverts on your site. When someone clicks over that ad then you are paid for it. Google Adsense is a free service and can be used by anyone. However you need to get your blog approved before you can start earning from your blog. You just need to submit your request to Google and once they approve it you can start earning from your blog. But approval for Adsense is not easy. According to Adsense terms and conditions you are not allowed to do anything listed below-

Clicking on your own ads or asking someone to do for it.

Increasing Adsense impressions by using some tools or websites.

Putting Adsense on adult or pornographic sites.

Misguiding readers in order to get more clicks.

Displaying Adsense on sites related to Hacking, Gambling or more illegal stuff.

I just want to suggest you that “Content is King” and you must follow this policy. If you do so, then getting Adsense would be much easier for you.

Tips to Increase Adsense Earnings

Here are some tips that can help you increase your Adsense income.

  1. Place your Adsense ads above the main fold so that users can see your ads without scrolling down. This will lead in increase in Click Through Rate(CTR) of your ads.
  2. You must choose the size of your Adsense unit wisely.

Generally the best performing ad sizes are –

125 x 125 Square

336 x 280 Large Rectangle

160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

I suggest you to use Large or Medium rectangle within your blog posts. You may use wide skyscraper for your sidebar ads.

  1. You must add a text ad unit anywhere on your blog. I recommend you to add it below your blog’s header or below menu-bar or even below post title. Mostly text ads work on CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) and this will surely help you earn more and utilize your visits from Stumble Upon very effectively.
  2. You must choose the location of your Adsense ad unit wisely. Below is a heat map provided by Google which will help you understand the best location for your ads.

The darker areas signify that you might get highest CTR from these areas. So you must choose your ads location wisely.

  1. Ads between the content can also help you increase your earnings. You can use banner ad unit or rectangle ad unit for displaying Adsense in between your posts/content. If you have short posts then you should place ad unit at the top or bottom of the post but if you have big Adsense ad unit then you might opt for placing ads in the middle of the article.
  2. Use the design of your ads effectively. To blend them into background of your blog you may use custom setting option for ad unit in Adsense. You can choose borders, font face and many other settings for your Adsense ads. Using them effectively can also help you earn from your blog without compromising with its look.
  3. Study your keywords and target your ads for those keywords. Usually the ads displayed on your page are related to first paragraph or few lines of your content. So you must use those keywords in your first few lines so that you can target your ads and can earn more through them.
  4. You can block irrelevant sites from displaying their ads on your blog/site. Allow and Block Ads feature allows you to choose advertisers whose ads can be displayed on your site. But i recommend you to use this feature wisely as there are some ads that offer you $0.01 in some country while $1 in others.
  5. You can choose to display Adsense for other platforms too like for videos, games, mobile, apps, search etc which can help you earn more with you Adsense account.

You must display a Google Adsense custom search box on your blog with Adsense enabled in it. This will help your visitors search your site and also there are chances of getting some extra clicks as various types of Adsense ads are displayed according to the readers query.

  1. Generally traffic is the main reason for high CPC (Cost Per click) and CTR (Click through Rate) of your Adsense ads. So you must work on increasing traffic of your blog which in turn will surely boost up your Adsense earnings.

I feel if you adopt all these steps you can surely double or triple your Adsense earnings. If you have some more ideas that can help in optimization of Adsense then do share them in comment box below.

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