Tips For Breast Augmentation Recovery: Must Know Before Surgery

Tips For Breast Augmentation Recovery: Must Know Before Surgery

A breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide. According to a recent study, more than 286,000 women received the breast augmentation in the year 2012. When this surgery works well then it is considered as a wonderful procedure. However, when the breast revisions are required, this can be a great disappointment as it also increases the financial burden due to additional expense.ID-100297638

Before undergoing this surgery, your plastic surgeon will thoroughly educate you on the risk such as the hardening of the implant or the capsular contracture. About 50 percent of the breast surgeries are the correction procedures due to the low secondary revision rates. You should ask your surgeon the before and after images of the breast augmentation surgery performed by them on the previous patients so that you get a clear idea about what outcome to expect post this surgery.

If a patient present capsular contracture after undergoing this surgery, then the scar tissue which forms around the implant during the healing process will contract and tighten around the breast implant. This condition can be very painful and comfortable as it tends to distort the aesthetic contours of the breast significantly. You can minimize this risk with the optimal surgery and postoperative care.

Here are few tips for breast augmentation recovery you should know before the surgery:

Choose your surgeon wisely, emphasize on the significance to get your surgery done by a board certifies plastic surgeon, most preferably the one having a breast fellowship and plenty of experiences in all types of breast surgery. While looking at the post-operation photos ensure that your surgeon has an impressive sense of sculpting aesthetics. If possible, search for the post-operation pictures of the patients who had already done their surgery under this surgeons which will help you determine their surgical skills and sculpting abilities. Ensure that your surgeon has thoroughly reviewed all the realistic risks and precaution which are required to be considered in order to minimize the undesirable outcomes.

The surgical techniques are key to better outcome. The lower revision rates are related to the smooth surface implants and their placement under the muscles through the areolar edge or the lower breast fold incisions. Make sure to avoid drains and use the Keller funnels for minimizing the contamination and infection. Perform the effective post-operation implant moving or massage exercises. Your surgeon will provide instructions to massage your implants at the time of first post-surgery visit. You will be encouraged to perform the breast massage exercises every two hours during morning for the first two-four weeks. These effective implant motions will help to keep the scar tissue capsule as generous and therefore minimize the contracture to a significant extent.

Stop taking all the supplements such as calcium, aspirin, fish oil before the surgery and the increasing blood pressure postop. Your surgeon will ask you to avoid aspirin especially since it inhibits stickiness of the platelets as the clogs will plug up holes in the blood vessels. Additionally, the plastic surgeon will advise you no exertion for two weeks postop as it takes the amount of time for your body to consolidate the clots which are placed during the surgery. It means that you should be calm and easygoing for at least two weeks. You should refrain from getting too happy, mad or sad, picking up anything on the floor, straining with a bowel movement, etc. You should mix this regimen along with meticulous surgery so as to avoid any bleeding issues and the need for drains which could possibly cause an infection. You can resume the exercises about four weeks postop.

Try to have a good state of mind since how we think will have an effect on how well out body handles the stress of the surgery. Follow the breast augmentation recovery guidelines and set your mind to get the best possible surgical results.

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