Thirteen Thousand Calgarians Are Living with Dementia

Thirteen Thousand Calgarians Are Living with Dementia

If your mother or grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other related illnesses, you’re not alone. There are currently thirteen thousand people in Calgary living with dementia, and that number is expected to double within fifteen years. The good news is that dementia care is evolving with new therapies and assistance practices.

What is Dementia Care?

It’s a combination of basic assistance with activities of daily living and more advanced therapy methods that are designed to ease agitation, slow down cognitive decline, and generally improve the quality of life of sufferers. Activities of daily living include bathing, eating, grooming, and continence. People with advanced Alzheimer’s will need help with all of these, and at this stage, family caregivers often feel overwhelmed. Introducing professional homecare for seniors early on can ease the transition by familiarizing your loved one with a caregiver. They can also assist with instrumental activities of daily living, which include escorted outings, meal preparation, light housework, medication management, and using phones or technology to communicate with friends and family.


Music Therapy

Music therapy is easy to integrate into your older relative’s life. Music can be used to alleviate anxiety or agitation, trigger memories, and create happy feelings in the patient. First, families are asked to list a loved one’s favourite songs. Therapists avoid songs that trigger unpleasant memories, sadness, or anger. Responses are either meant to be sedative or stimulating, depending on the desired effect. Ask personal support workers at Calgary’s Mavencare agency about incorporating music therapy in your loved one’s daily routine.

Montessori-trained Caregivers

The philosophy behind using Montessori methods for adults with Alzheimer’s is that the first things a person learned in life are the last things they lose when they suffer from a degenerative brain disease. Many of the caregivers with Mavencare are trained in Montessori Methods. They focus on restoring an Alzheimer’s patient’s feelings of independence, dignity, and fulfillment. Feeling needed and capable of performing tasks is an important part of human happiness. Home caregivers may ask a senior to lend a hand folding laundry or putting away dishes to give them a sense of accomplishment. They may also play mentally stimulating games, matching a game’s complexity to the senior’s cognitive ability.

Dementia Home Care

If you’re looking for dementia care services in Calgary, know that you can get them at home. Studies show that Alzheimer’s patients who remain in their own residences maintain their cognitive abilities longer than those who make a major move. Major life changes have been known to quicken the onset of memory loss and confusion. If your loved one requires more attention, 24-hour assistance is also available from personal support workers sharing shifts. That way, there is always someone awake if your aging family member is prone to sundowning, wandering, or trouble sleeping. You can provide familiar and comforting surroundings for your loved one, not to mention access to evolving Alzheimer’s therapies. Call a homecare agency today for a free needs assessment and find the solution that works best for your family.

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